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The Deringer Bypass Rubber Kit is for the Deringer 30/50 Bypass. The Deringer Bypass is the smallest and the lightest Bypass assembly in the industry.

The Bypass Rubber Kit includes:
  • Bypass Check Seat
  • Bypass Check Poppet
  • Bypass Shut Off Disk
  • Retaining Washer
  • Retaining Screw
  • Bypass Cover O-Ring
  • Bypass Seat O-Ring

Note: This Bypass rubber kit fits all bypass sizes (2 ½" - 8")



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Bypass Rubber Kit

Deringer & Magnum Bypass Rubber Kit

Bypass Rubber Kit Includes:
  1. Bypass Check Seat
  2. Bypass Check Poppet
  3. Bypass Seat O-Ring
  4. Bypass Cover O-Ring
  5. Bypass Shut Off Disk
  6. Retaining Washer
  7. Retaining Screw

Bypass Angled  Check Valve

The bypass angled check valve has many features shown in the graphic below that are fundamental to creating the shortest, lightest and smallest bypass in the industry.

Relief Valve Image



Bypass Assembly Maintenace

Bypass Assembly  Maintanence

The Bypass Maintenance Video provides a step by step procedure for maintaining and replacing a bypass assembly for a 2" - 8" Deringer & Magnum 30 & 50 backflow preventer.

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Backflow Direct Product Warranty

Product  Warranty

This printable document provides information for the Backflow Direct one year warranty for Deringer and Magnum backflow preventers.

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